The Småland coast and Öland

Kalmar county is located in south-eastern Sweden and consists of the coast of Småland and Öland. The coast of Småland is a combination of small, cozy villages and towns and beautiful forests and archipelagos. These are environments that have inspired writers such as Astrid Lindgren and Vilhelm Moberg. Öland is a paradise for those who like birds, plants, sun and swimming.

With just a few minutes of your free time, can you have a work day full of fast-paced, eventful, evolving challenges, or interesting studies? Or maybe you choose a new exciting working life by starting your own?

Jobs and labor market

Kalmar County is the base for several large companies, some also world leaders in their market, such as the manufacturing companies Xylem (pumps and compressors) and Kährs (composite parquet floors). Together with Scania, Södra, Samhall, Lernia, OKG, SAFT, KLS Ugglarps and Metallfabriken Ljunghäll, they constitute the county's ten largest private employers.

Otherwise, small and medium-sized companies dominate. Of the county's 24,000 companies, 99 percent are companies with less than 50 employees. These companies account for a little more than half of the jobs. Industry and trade account for two thirds of business turnover.

In the public sector, there are several career opportunities with large employers such as the Kalmar County Region, the county's twelve municipalities and Linnaeus University.

IT and e-health

Through the eHealth Arena initiative, we want to establish Kalmar County as one of Europe's leading e-health regions. The initiative will create the conditions for increased use of digital solutions in health and care, in order to achieve equal health, resource-efficient and value-creating services as well as new and growing companies. Since 2018, the E-health authority is also located in Kalmar County.

Places to enjoy

In Kalmar County, there are many of the places, events and attractions that both Swedish and foreign visitors dream of experiencing. Thanks to the hospitality industry, there are also job opportunities and community services here in the countryside as well. For the county's residents, the wide range of activities and exciting places provides a smorgasbord to choose from, especially if you like outdoor life, forest and archipelago.

University and education

Linnaeus University in Kalmar and Växjö has 33,000 students and offers over 150 educational programs and 1,300 independent courses in art and humanities, health and food science, social sciences, natural sciences, technology and economics. There are also a number of different commissioned educations, such as principal education and police education. Research at Linnaeus University is of high quality, both nationally and internationally, mainly in ecology, evolution, discrimination, integration, postcolonialism, intermediality, life sciences and big data.

There are also several folk high schools and polytechnics in the county.

If you are relatively new to Sweden, there are establishment courses, general courses for compulsory school and upper secondary school competence and Swedish for health care graduates at Kalmar County Folk High Schools.

Entrepreneur and self-employed

It starts about 1,200 new companies in Kalmar County every year, mainly in trade, construction, consulting and service. If you have an idea or an innovative company, you can get help from Kalmar Science Park, which adds innovation, inspiration and networking in close collaboration with the business community and Linnaeus University.

If you need a venue for your business, we advise you to visit Object vision where you will find most vacant premises for rent in Kalmar County.

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